5 October
Че я там говорила? Херня на херне! Что за дикость происходит?!

Би-2 feat. Oxxxymiron - Пора возвращаться домой

слушала сегодня с наушников соседа, когда ехала утром на учебу в автобусе. сидела и улыбалась)

I realised that I really like to get used to smth unfamiliar, change my routine with new tips & exercises.
Few days ago I met the Head of our dormitory by accident and asked him to resettle me to another room, and three days later he came to me and said: "Hey, let's go to look at rooms". I was shoked a little bit: that was quick work!
I like to change my life adding better things.
tomorrow will be Mar's birthday
and I have no idea for congratulations. there is tiny panic in my mind)